Francesca Meddi [1] was born in Rome on January 7, 1978. She has always been fascinated by the concept of beauty and by all forms of art. As a child she had a marked sense of aesthetics and a clear inclination towards observation, an important source of personal inspiration and comprehension of reality. Her university studies in Oriental Languages and Civilizations – with particular reference to the Japanese language and culture - the experience of life in Japan and subsequent studies in fashion and interior design, led her to discover a new sense of aesthetics which allowed her develop her own particular style. Through writing and drawing, she conceptualizes surrounding reality, expressing her versatile personality in different forms of expression: strip cartoons – Japanese manga in particular - illustration, and painting on Japanese washi paper with bright acrylic colors which she uses to capture her favorite subjects - stylized trees and cats. Her love for drawing and her native Rome brought her closer to architecture and interior design and she enrolled at the Faculty of Architecture and Constructional Engineering. Buildings and interiors became perfect settings for experimenting in pure lines. This constant search for forms of graphical expression finally led to the field of fashion, and through the MEDDI trademark Francesca Meddi has been able to express her creative personality to the utmost. Accessories, and bags in particular, become the ultimate symbol of femininity and the height of her expressive style. [1]

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